When a client chooses Therapeutic Massage, there is a trust that they will experience a very good treatment and not be wasting their money. So before I begin any treatment I silently give thanks for each customer and give thanks for the opportunity to practice my techniques in hopes that my treatment will bring a balance and inner peace to them. Clients will discover their choice in coming to Therapeutic Massage was not a mistake.          (Annie)

Common sense

Several years ago I was employed at a clinic in north Calgary. One day I received a call from an insurance company asking me if I had a patient on a certain day of a certain month and provided the name of the patient. I checked my schedule and said, I didn’t, but I did have that patient on another day.

I asked my manager: ” Why is the date incorrect for that patient?  The insurance company just called me to verify.”

 The manager’s eyes widened and asked: “what did you say?”

 I said: “I didn’t do the treatment on that day.”

“In front of you, that patient asked me to change the date for her treatment as she was afraid that the treatment time was too close to previous one and her insurance company would be suspicious. I agreed, and you heard it.” The manager replied.

“Does hearing mean that I agree?” I said, “Besides, I didn’t pay attention your conversation.”

“Then you should not have answered the insurance company right away. You needed to ask me or the patient. You are very irresponsible. You have no common sense!”

Since then, I lost that client and also quit the job. However, I will continue to have “no common sense” and continue to tell the truth. (Annie)